In a changing Morocco, requiring openness and listening, creativity and engagement, we must put the emphasis on all the synergies.

That is why HRM, MADAEF affiliate and partner of major tourism development projects in the country, calls upon all its skills to work for Morocco of tomorrow. In partnership with both governments and local bodies, HRM is responsible for the design,development and management of a new generation of hotels…

To experience the hospitality of Morocco…


Our Values

– The collective commitment for a national mission

– The expertise and professionalism at all stages

– The emphasis on innovation and disruption with hotels codes and conventions, while contributing to the development of tourism,

– Openness and both geographic as well as emotional proximity : Everywhere and for everyone.


Our Philosophy

– Develop structuring integrated hotel projects,

– Promote the offer “Morocco Tourism ” and contribute to the development of domestic tourism,

– Improve the framework for hosting customers, working conditions for the internal audience, and production tools through offers with international standards.

HRM, a branch of CDG Group

Along the years, CDG has set itself up as a true long-term investment catalyst while developing a unique know-how in large structural project implementation. Its Public status and the private nature of the funds it is entrusted with are the purpose of great rigor regarding the rules of management and investments selection.

CDG has been able to perform both the assignments to secure collected savings and to develop the economy of the Kingdom. This double task is the CDG identity’s cornerstone.

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